Why Water Filters Are Good for the Environment


Yes, installing a water filtration system in your home is indeed a “green” decision. However, this is rarely the reason why people do it. For one thing, most people simply aren’t aware that water filters are good for the environment – they are trying to get away from the dangers of their local environment! From … Read more

How Cannabis Legalization Has Created New Tertiary Businesses


Whenever a nascent industry begins showing signs of being self-sufficient, a curious thing happens – it gives rise to a range of new tertiary businesses. These new businesses support the industry by providing products and services the industry needs to reach maturity. Those that prove indispensable survive even after maturity is achieved. For proof, you … Read more

What is the Difference Between CBD Oil and Hemp Oil?


CBD and hemp are two cannabis-derived products that have both become exceptionally popular in recent years for their numerous health benefits and relative ease of consumption. Nevertheless, a lot of ignorance remains regarding cannabis-derived substances, usually on account of general ignorance of cannabis in general. One example is that many people do not know the … Read more

5 health benefits of Green Coffee


Many of us drink coffee daily, whether single-origin, blended, fair trade certified or organic coffee. Coffee beans are roasted to obtain the dark brown colour and various aromas we’re familiar with, but did you know that there’s another form of coffee that offers several health benefits?  Known as green coffee, don’t let the name fool … Read more