How to Choose Jewelry for Any Occasion

You might be the type of person that has specific jewelry items that you wear every day, such as your engagement and wedding ring, a pretty necklace that has sentimental value, and a pair of earrings that are small and subtle and which do not draw attention to you. Or perhaps you are someone that likes to convey how they are feeling through the jewelry items they choose. Some people have jewelry for every event while others never ever change theirs, no matter what the occasion.

Why Do We Wear Jewelry?

Everyone has their own reason for wearing jewelry. As mentioned already, some wear special pieces that have sentimental value while others just love to accessorize and have many different items that they mix and match, depending on the clothing they are wearing. There are those that even buy jewelry items because of what the pieces signify. For example, bee pins from Project Honey Bees are worn by many people who want to help fund research into bee conservation.

Choosing the Right Pieces

If accessorizing with jewelry does not come naturally to you, you might be looking for some tips and advice on the best pieces to wear for an upcoming event. It can be hard to know what items will look good for a specific occasion such as a wedding, for example. After all, you will want to look your best and you don’t want to choose jewelry that draws attention to you for all the wrong reasons.

Remember, your choice of clothing will have an impact on the type of jewelry that you choose. For example, if you are wearing something bright and bold, then avoid loud jewelry. On the flip side, if your clothing choice is subtle and you have chosen neutral colors, then you can afford to go a bit bigger and bolder with your jewelry choices.

If you are choosing colored jewelry, make sure it complements the colors in your clothes. A color wheel will show you which colors complement each other. Colors that are on opposite sides of the wheel, for instance, or those from the same family of colors tend to look good together.

You also need to think about which parts of your body you want to draw attention to and away from. If you want people to see your newly painted toenails, then you could choose an anklet. Statement earrings will highlight your face.

As well as matching your jewelry to your outfit, you should also consider your skin tone, especially if you are choosing jewelry made from metals such as gold or silver. Silver tends to look good on those with natural skin tones, while gold complements darker, warmer skin tones. The color of the gems can also be matched to your skin tone. Blues, purples, and reds look great on cool skin tones while oranges, greens, and yellows look great on warm skin tones.

When choosing jewelry, give a thought to the occasion too. For example, a professional business meeting with a potential new client would usually warrant some subtle jewelry that is not going to be a distraction. For a party, all gloves are off, and you can wear whatever you feel comfortable wearing.


Choosing the right jewelry for an occasion can be tricky if you are not an expert in fashion. But knowing what looks good on you will help. This means matching your jewelry to the clothing you are wearing and to your skin tone. Also, consider the type of event you are attending and whether the jewelry is appropriate or not.