How to Make Cycling Easier

If you have been brought up to cycle from an early age, you will find it easier than someone who has recently started cycling. Those who are new to cycling can often take quite a while before they get used to pedaling; some will give up too soon. If you are eager to know how long it will be before it gets easier or if there is anything you can do to speed up the process, read on.

It Naturally Gets Easier

Although it probably doesn’t seem like it right now, cycling does get easier the more that you do it. As the weeks go by and you continue to cycle, you will find that your fitness levels start to increase and you can probably cycle farther and longer. Now, this doesn’t mean that you won’t still find it tough to cycle. It never gets to a point where you are cycling for hours without breaking a sweat. Even professional cyclists need to put some effort into their cycling!

What you can be sure of however is that the more cycling you do, the better your fitness will become. This is because your lung capacity will increase, and your heart will get stronger. If you are combining cycling with a healthy eating program, you are also likely to lose body fat, which will also make it simpler.

Tips to Make Cycling Easier

Some people go all in when they first start cycling, but this is a mistake as it can quickly leave you feeling burnt out and it may cause you to develop a negative view of the activity. It is far better to take things slowly in the beginning and try a gentle cycle every other day until you get used to it. Your body needs time to recover, especially if you are new to exercise, so take a day between cycles at the beginning so that you can rest.

The right clothing can help make your cycling experience more enjoyable. It is important to wear clothes that are both breathable and comfortable. If you wear the wrong fabrics, you could quickly become hot and sweaty, which will make cycling unbearable.

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water during the day and always make sure you have water with you when you cycle.

Eat a balanced, healthy diet which will allow you to make the most of cycling. If you are cycling for health and fitness, there is no point in eating a diet filled with the wrong foods as this is just counterproductive. Providing your body with good nutrition will make cycling easier and will keep you healthier.

Consider buying an e-bike, especially if you are planning on mountain biking. According to the folk at Woom, an e-mountain bike will assist you and provide a boost when you are pedaling but will still help you to get fit and active. Ebikes make cycling uphill much easier by helping you to accelerate and making you feel as though you are not exerting much energy.


Cycling is a tough sport that requires a lot of energy and when you first start, it can feel as though it will never get any easier. What you need to remember is that the more you cycle, the easier it will get to cycle for longer and farther. This is because your fitness levels will start to improve, and your body will become stronger.

If you want to make it easier though, you can always invest in an e-bike that will help reduce the amount of physical effort required. Eating a healthy diet and allowing your body time to recover can also make cycling easier.