Karen McCleave: Tracking Her Career Journey

Upon passing the bar, a career path in law can be satisfying and a lucrative opportunity in your life. You will have many forms you can practice, such as criminal justice litigation, to become a prosecution attorney, known as a crown attorney in Canada. That position is an important government position that Karen McCleave held as the assistant crown attorney in the Ontario and superior courts.

Karen McCleave and Her Career Journey

You might have heard in karenmccleave crown attorney the law field and practices. That’s perhaps due to her achievements over the 30 years she worked as a crown attorney.

Karen was born and educated in Sault Ste Marie and received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Western Ontario, where she was studying honors program. Later, Karen received her LL.B from the University of Windsor and passed the Ontario Bar.

As she entered the legal field, Karen dedicated her career to serving the public and pursuing justice with integrity and fairness. Her job was about working diligently to prosecute cases on behalf of the victims.

During her tenure, Karen handled high-profile cases and complex matters such as sexual and child abuse, homicides, and fraud. Also, Karen conducted various jury trials, such as lengthy murder trials.

It was satisfying for Karen to hear the victims compliment or appreciate her support and involvement. Such positive feedback made her career impactful to others, giving her a sense of purpose and meaning in law practices.

Moreover, Karen had further interests in a law career. From 2009 to 2017, Karen received special honors and designations such as a wiretap agent for Ontario. Also, between 2016 and 2017, Karen was a provincial mentor for sexual violence. After a year as the senior prosecutor in the region of York’s Legal Department, Karen found another newly created prosecution office.

Additionally, Karen had professional and public board involvement. That includes a regional representative in the Ontario Crown Attorneys Association (OCAA) board, where she was also on the Editorial Board of their Newsletter.

For nine years, Karen served on the board of directors of Blue Hills child and family center. That’s where Karen developed her governance skills, by-laws, and non-profitable agency policies. Lastly, due to her enthusiasm for arts, in 2020, Karen was appointed to the board of trustees for the McMichael Canadian Art collection.

Educating Others

You will have numerous opportunities as a trial lawyer to address the public outside the courtroom. And for Karen, that was a perfect opportunity to educate others. She used the opportunity to teach her crown colleagues, municipal, provincial and military police, paralegals, and high school students throughout Ontario.

Also, Karen spoke at conferences and summer school programs on legal topics and developments. That’s because Karen believed that the law constantly evolves; therefore, a lawyer should be a lifelong learner.

Charitable Work

Karen McCleave was assisting in raising funds to support the locals and international charities as a member of Beta Sigma Phi. Also, Karen volunteered at feed the hungry, Salvation Army, and bank drive programs. Karen is a lifelong fan of standardbred and enjoys horse racing. Also, Karen enjoys Book club, traveling, and hiking during her leisure time.


Karen McCleave is among the well-known people in law practices, and her contribution to helping victims is priceless. Her career journey is an inspirational and learning experience for all upcoming lawyers and the general population.