The Best Ways to Save Energy About the Home

There is a real imperative among home owners to save energy, and it is a two-headed beast. Firstly, there is the eternal truth that saving energy means saving money, and what home owner doesn’t want to do that? Secondly, there’s the mounting pressure coming from environmental concerns, something which can only be expected to increase as time goes on. Consumers and homeowners (and for that matter, most people) are now more environmentally conscious than ever been before. And for good reason. The looming environmental crisis is something that many of us concerned about. And the fact that we can save a bit of money on our energy bills while doing something about it is perhaps the biggest silver lining. 

And this environmental pressure has had other more positive effects too. The imperative to do something about the environment has led to a massive increase in technological innovation in recent times. Many of the world’s top minds are convinced that technology holds the key to finally doing something about environmental crisis. This has led to many new products appearing, from large investments like electric cars to smaller consumer products like the AA and AAA USB rechargeable batteries developed by innovative startups like Pale Blue Earth out of Utah. The consumer market is certainly changing to answer the increased environmental consciousness among consumers. 

Investing in such products will certainly go a long way to making a difference where the environment is concerned. But did you know that a significant difference can also be made simply by adopting a range of good habits and practices about the home? Whatever technology is developed, it is only if we all pull together collectively that any real impact will be made. Here then follows our top tips for saving energy around the home. 

Turn Off Lights 

This doesn’t for a second mean you have to plunge your home into darkness. In fact, you don’t need to do anything of the kind. So much energy is wasted about the home simply on account of lights being left on where they are not needed. By remembering to flick them off when you leave the room, you could save significant amounts of energy.

Take (Shorter) Showers

Water conservation is a topic for a different day but drawing a bath or taking a long shower doesn’t just waste water, it also wastes the energy needed to heat that water. Nevertheless, by following this tip, you will be saving not only on energy but on water too. 

Fix That Dripping Faucet 

A dripping faucet can be annoying, but it’s rarely something that will bother too much. What it will do however is waste water and energy. Fixing it could save you up to $9 per year. Every little helps.

Unplug Unused Electronics 

It might not be immediately obvious, but if something is plugged in, it’s usually using energy. Even if a device is not running, it can still be drawing power. By keeping devices on standby, you could be wasting a significant amount of energy. Remember to unplug. 

Manage Your Thermostat

Does your house really need to be that warm? Nobody is suggesting that you descend into winter misery, but by decreasing the thermostat by a couple of degrees, you could save five percent on your energy bills. Lowering it by five degrees could save 10%! 

This list is far from exhaustive, simply because an exhaustive list would be much longer than we have space for here. But by using your intuition and surveying your home for potential ways to save energy, it’s amazing how much money you can save – while saving the planet at the same time.