6 Tips And Tricks On Moving Long Distance

Moving a long distance isn’t the easiest thing to do, especially if you’re moving to another state or country! However, you can make your long-distance move as easy as possible with the proper planning and mindset. Check out these six tips and tricks on making moving long distances easier!

1. Hire A Reliable Moving Company

Moving companies come in all shapes and sizes, from local mom-and-pop operations to giant transnational organizations. Some will do more than move your stuff—they’ll also help you plan, design, or coordinate your entire home relocation. They make it easy to hire multiple services at once, whether packing, moving, or storage.

Before hiring a moving company, check out its reviews online (the Better Business Bureau is an excellent place to start) and ask about insurance coverage. As with any service provider you hire from electricians to plumbers—they must carry liability insurance. Hence,  if something goes wrong during your move, they can cover damages up to a certain amount.

2. Plan in Advance

Moving is an enormous undertaking, but it can be exciting if you’re ready. Figure out everything you need to get done before moving so you aren’t stuck with boxes everywhere trying to figure out what goes where. Most people take three to four weeks off from work before they move. It gives them time to pack up their home, stay with family or friends while getting new housing arrangements sorted out, and travel across the country in preparation for settling into their new home.

3. Pack An Overnight Bag for Each Person

Before packing up all of your possessions, it’s essential to ensure you have everything on hand that you’ll need to survive in a hotel during your first night after moving. No one wants to brush teeth without toothpaste, clean underwear, or toiletries. Pack accordingly, and always keep an overnight bag packed for each household member.

Essentials for kids may include pajamas, favorite toys and books, and toiletries. Bring enough clothes for those days if you’re planning on staying with friends or family for a few days before heading to your new home.

4. Pack Properly with Quality Packaging Materials

Packing with quality materials makes all of the difference. While moving, you’ll have enough on your mind that you don’t want to be worried about potential damages. Using good packing supplies ensures your valuables won’t get damaged during transit, so invest in top-quality boxes, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts before packing. Also, make sure you use plenty of tapes! It may seem overkill now, but trust us—you’ll thank yourself later when your belongings arrive safe and sound.

5. Carry Enough Food and Water While on the Move

Staying hydrated is essential no matter where you are, but it’s especially crucial when moving long distances. Water transports nutrients to cells, carries waste out of them, regulates body temperature, and cushions joints during exercise or work. Every organ in your body needs water to function OK for instance, 60 percent of your brain consists of water!

As far as food goes, make sure to carry enough snacks with you so that you don’t go hungry between meals. And remember: Snacks should be balanced meals in miniature form; they should contain protein (such as nuts), carbohydrates (such as fruit), and fat (such as cheese). So load up on nutritious food and stay full while on the move!

6. Keep Track of Your Items using GPS

While GPS technology is often helpful for travel, it can also be beneficial when moving long distances. You can track your belongings in transit to ensure they don’t go missing along the way. A GPS tracking service works like a car locator device but on a much smaller scale. You can work with your mover to provide you with the location of your belongings.

Then an electronic ankle bracelet that attaches to boxes with GPS technology embedded inside will track them every step of the way. It is pretty cool to see your items as they move from place to place. It doesn’t allow you to see into the trucks, but it lets you know exactly where your belongings are and their estimated arrival time.


There are many aspects to consider when making a long-distance move. Whether you’re a first-time mover or a veteran, it is essential to have the correct information and ensure you have everything you need. However, hiring a professional moving company helps prevent any mishaps or delays associated with the move so that your transition is as smooth and stress-free. Keep an open mind and approach the task with a positive attitude, and you’re sure to succeed!