Five Easy Indoor Golf Putting Routines to Rehearse

The following home indoor golf drills are designed for beginners to develop essential putting stroke techniques. Few phone books and a coin or tee are required to set up these indoor putting drills.

In addition, you can practise these putting drills on the carpet if you lack an indoor synthetic putting green. Therefore, this putting green training device is recommended.

Then, schedule time daily to perform these golf drills at home.

First Exercise: Phone Book Path

Place two phone books on the ground at home with just enough space for your putter to barely fit. Focus your practise strokes on maintaining a straight putter line and square putter face. If you do not, you may collide with the books that indicate that your putting stroke was not straightforward for that stroke.

Drill No. 2: Telephone with a Golf Ball

Rearrange the two phone books to have sufficient space for a putt between them. Place a 10-foot strip of painter’s tape parallel to the books in the middle of the walkway to form a target line. Several feet of tape should be placed outside of the books to observe how your ball remains in line for several feet.

Place the golf ball in the centre of the established target line’s book path and stroke putts. You can use the books to compare the length of your backswing to your front swing. The forward swing should be approximately equivalent to or slightly larger than the backswing. Using the books as a guide for a straight putting stroke, attempt to keep as many putts on the tape/target line as possible.

No. 3: Putting to the Tee

One of the most effective strategies to practise putting at home is to focus on putter face control. Invert a golf tee so that it is vertical.

Putt a ball onto the tee from a distance of 3 feet, attempting to knock it over. Then, return to 4 feet, then 5 feet, etc. Finally, try to move back 20 feet while still being able to knock over the tee.

Drill No. 4: Playing against a King of Hearts

Grab the King of Hearts from a deck of playing cards and place it several feet away on the astro turf or floor. Then, attempt to putt the golf ball with sufficient velocity to land on the king of hearts.

This challenging putting exercise can quickly improve your distance control when putting. In addition, the modest size of a playing card simulates a golf hole, so you may improve your putting accuracy by ensuring you’re correctly aligned with the target.

Drill No. 5: Distance Control for Three Balls

You will need to create a 1-foot-long box or zone using tape or another type of distance indicator for this putting drill. The objective is to put all three balls into this zone. Each successive ball travels marginally further than the preceding one.

However, the third ball cannot leave the 12-inch zone. It teaches you to manage the distance of your putts by requiring you to feel each putt and attempt to reproduce that distance, but slightly further, without over-hitting the ball and causing it to roll beyond the 1-foot zone.